What we offer

Titan Operational Support have two production facilities, located in Varde and Esbjerg, with broad capabilities and lots of possibilities of handling complex and large steel structures.

It’s highly skilled workforce and agile and project oriented organization secures that quality and delivery always are 1st priority.

The capabilities of the production facilities in Denmark are:

Max. processing length  ~ 42 m
Max. processing weight  ~ 120 ton
Max. plate thickness for pre-bending   ~ 120 mm
Max. section diameter   ~ 5.5 m


Rolling and shot blasting of steel plates

With three different rolling machines Titan Operational Support have huge capacity and flexibility within rolling task.
Furthermore we can offer shot blasting of steel plates and other flat steel products.

Steel production

With 3 production bays Titan Operational Support have many possibilities within black steel production of smaller and larger steel structures.

Surface treatment

Close to Esbjerg harbor Titan Operational Support have 2 surface treatment lines for blasting, metallization and painting smaller a larger structures in really high quality.


Titan Operational Support have it’s own skilled assembly team – to secure final mounting on products or directly at site


Project support at site

Titan Operational Support offers highly skilled people in the following areas;

  • Welding (111, 135, 136)
  • Surface treatment (Blasting, metalization, paint and repair tasks)
  • Assembly (Installation/replacement &/ retrofit of internals in wind turbine towers)
  • Supervisors for plate rolling, SAW welding, tack welding & general tower production

All our people have several years of experience and are dedicated to deliver top quality and flexibility in everything we do.


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