Welding procedures

The requirements for materials and their diversity does today place increasing demands on procedure tests. Therefore, Titan Operational Support is the obvious choice for companies that need to have structure on their current procedures as well as prepared new ones.

The requirements for welding and procedures, are in the future becoming further tightened. 

We are always updated on the latest new standards and methods within the area and therefore we can, among other things, offer the following:

Approval of the Welding Procedure (WPQR)


Our many years of experience and high expertise in welding testing is always performed in accordance with international standards, norms and legal requirements.

We occupy with:

Welding procedure

Preparation of WPS and WPQAR

Welding procedure test according to EN 15614-1, MOTS 12, NORSOK M601, 101and others.


Titan Operational Support is accredited for approval of welding procedures - DS/EN ISO 15614 series.

Additionally, do we also occupy with:

DS/EN ISO 15610 (tested filler materials)

DS/EN ISO 15611 (previous experience)

DS/EN ISO 15612 (standard welding procedure)

DS/EN ISO 15613 (pre-production welding test)


With a welding procedure from Titan Operational Support supplemented with approval – do you meet the requirements in, among other things:

    DS/EN 1090 series

    DS/EN ISO 3834 series

    DS/EN 13480

    The Common Conditions of Danske Kraftværker.

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