Ultrasonic testing

At TOS we perform Ultrasonic testing.

TOS performs ultrasound inspection to examine defects in welding in different materials.

Ultrasonic testing is one of the most widely used methods within NDT and is primarily used to provide information about internal defects and defects in metal, porcelain, stone, glass, concrete and rubber.

In addition to the common applications, such as checking of cracks and detection false defects, ultrasonic testing also applies to thickness measurement to detect corrosion or erosion of, for example, pipelines.

Although the leakage is minimal, it can still increase the risk of major damage and environmental problems, as well as small indications can also cause major financial losses.

At TOS, we are serious about our work and with our inspectors many years of experience and expertise, you are guaranteed a high-quality work when it comes to ultrasound testing.

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