Date: 06. October 2021

Mast project 2019

Energinet have now erected the last mast for the new Kassø-Frøslev 400 kV overhead line. Thereby Titan Wind Energy (Europe) A/S have finalized their part of the project by producing and delivering 90 mast, 80 monopiles and 10 cast-in sections. This have been a new and exciting market for Titan Wind to enter, where collaboration with its Chinese production facilities have been crucial for the tight deadline and high quality demands. Energinet expressed their satisfaction with the professional cooperation with Titan Wind. Titan Wind looks forward to further cooperation in the future. This cooperation has already started as Titan Wind is now producing the prototype for Energinet’s Thor-GI lattice mast for the overhead lines between substation Idomlund and the Danish/German border in the western part of Denmark. For more information about the project, click here.


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